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It is needless to say that the complex array of technologies, products, applications and the ever increasing demands from the business users is a constant source of challenge for system mangers and CIOs. Chaos is the order of the day in a typical IT environment. They look to Enterprise System Management (ESM) product vendors to gain control of their IT infrastructure and help find a rhythm in their business service delivery. It is not surprising that they realize the fact that they need to align products, people and processes to harness the power of these ESM solutions. They look to vendors who bring in in-depth product knowledge and best practices to help them in their mission to find the business rhythm in their IT infrastructure. That is where SYBOR steps in.

SYBOR for ESM vendors
Leading ESM vendors have crafted excellent products that would allow the IT managers to better manage their IT infrastructure. ESM vendors have the constant challenge of having resources trained on their products and retain them. With the shrinking IT budgets, they are challenged to deliver their products and solutions in a cost effective manner. They also need to provide innovative services to avoid their products becoming shelf-ware thereby limiting their chance for continued business with the existing customer base. ESM vendors are looking at their products being supported and serviced in a cost effective manner that enhances their opportunities for increased revenue from their existing customer base and their ability to penetrate cost conscious SMB markets effectively. That is where SYBOR steps in.

SYBOR offerings
SYBOR has been in the business of Enterprise System Management Services for over a decade. Acquiring and deploying talented, competent resources with in-depth product knowledge and best practices to mitigate the risks faced by today's IT managers in a cost effective manner is nothing new to SYBOR. That is what we have been executing for over a decade. With our move to Bangalore, India - a place that offers a vast talent pool - SYBOR is in a unique position to continue on our strengths to offer innovative, cost effective, quality services not only to our ESM partners but also to the end users at large. Our strengths and geographical vantage point has enabled our ESM partners to reach out and beyond in a cost effective manner.

Remote Monitoring
Vulnerability Assessment
Penetration Test

SYBOR has strategic associations with some of global leaders in ESM tools.

Clients includes :
ING Vysya
Citi Bank